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Thumbs down Allegiant lands at wrong airport

Alligent Airlines first flight out of St. Cloud, MN. flight #109, St. Cloud to Phoenix/Mesa, landed at wrong airport. They landed by mistake at Sky Harbor which is about 20 miles from Mesa. They then lied to passengers telling us that because of fog, runway maintenance and running low on fuel we would be landing at Sky Air. It was only later, when I got into Mesa that I found out that we had landed at wrong airport. In addition they had over charged me on my ticket. I was given a number to call. It turned out to be the baggage number and because it did not list my particular question it would not allow me to continue. I finally found a number on the internet, 702-505-8888, (the only number) waited 15 mins. only to be told that they don't issue refunds, only credits. I have to use their airline again to get credit for my over charge. Given all the run around I received I will NEVER use Alligent Air again. If you decide to use them do your self a favor and check out the various complaints against them, and good luck!