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Thumbs down Old outdated aircraft, jammed and crowded seats

We welcomed with an excitement the news, when American Airlines announced last year they will start operating seasonal (May - October) direct flight from Philadelphia to Prague. With our family ties to the Czech Republic, we fly to Prague quite frequently. I took direct flight # AY4144 on May 24th from Philadelphia to Prague and return on Monday, May 298th on flight #AY4145.
There is nothing wrong with the direct service, but what I found disturbing is the Boeing 767-300 used on this route is probably the oldest plane on the AA fleet. Seats in economy class are so tight, that it is difficult to fit in anybody over 5' tall. There is barely any room for legs and the back seat reclines about two inches max. With few TV's mounted in the ceiling, this plane reminds me one that I was flying about thirty years ago. I've fly many different airlines from US to Europe but this is the most outdated and uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, my next trip from Philly to Prague is coming up in a few weeks and I booked it way in advance also with AA. However, unless AA decide to upgrade the aircraft on this route, this will be my last travel to Prague with AA. I would rather change planes in Frankfurt, London or any other European city and fly on modern updated plane than having this horrible experience. Many of our friend who are flying frequently to Prague, either for leisure or business expressed exactly the same experience and do not plan to return.