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Default Another Allegiant Nightmare

Originally Posted by tbounds74 View Post
I'm wanting to get the word out regarding Allegiant Air. Do not make reservations with them because they will destroy your vacation! We were to fly out of one city. We do not get a phone call or an email stating that they have cancelled all flights as of December. Take into consideration that we bought out tickets 3 months prior to December. Like I was stating no phone call, no email stating that our reservations/tickets were no longer any good. We had to see the ad in a local newspaper stating that they are no longer flying. We call them and they send us to another city hundreds of miles away as our Departure City. We go aheand and have confirmation that we will be flying from this city (that is hundreds of miles away). Then we get an email this morning stating that they are no longer flying from this city as of February. We bought out tickets over 3 months ago. To me they should honor those who have purchased their tickets and stop screwing with other families vacations. I just want to get the word out...BBB has been notified...I am trying to notify anyone that I can. The company is Allegiant Air. You can go to It is all a joke.