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Default Why I will never Travel again with Austrian Airlines

Why I will never Travel again with Austrian Airlines?

Had a denied-boarding confliction with Austrian Airlines a few months ago, demanding material / non material compensations and an Excuse!

What happens? did not surprise me,

I complained to various organs / bodies in EU In a consecutive order which started with Airline itself, rejection from Airline was quite clear and sincerely NON-CARING!, the most of EU passenger right bodies, relevent ministry department in the country where incident occured explaining some paragraphs of Blah blah blah..... and then mentioning about the regulation 261/2004 which in fact nobody wants to deal with your problem unless you go to a strong lawyer spending X000 amount of money, what they offer is some money which is almost less than the ticket amount and nobody does not agree it is really happened this way AS THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN EXPERIENCED THIS KIND OF VIOLATIIN on the airports while they are innocent and fully right (I was granted from the destination country immigration department / border police that no problem at all to travel with my both passports back to country Republic of Bulgaria), We, people who really disappointed, who really violated with Giant Airline's wealth while we were right , are able to use this online platform at least to LET OUR EXPERIENCE with Airline and PASSENGER & CONSUMER RIGHTS organs & bodies and letting know the others to reduce riscs at least use the Airlines which DO really care with the consequences may come along when they cause inconveniences with wrong judgement & faulty decisions for passenger documents.

Now Building a community, with a forum and a site dedicated to share all passenger experiences from one source,

As a result I dont expect nothing to paid to me or as a fine to National Enforcement bodies as this is one of those regular David Versus Goliath case as OS a Multi-Billion dollar budgeted company and do not care losing only 1 customer,

Please feel free to visit and share your own experience with those!