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Default Aeromexico - Don't Fly With Them

I booked my family vacation flying Aeromexico. I inadvertently selected a different return date than intended. When I received my confirmation email two days later, I recognized the mistake and called to change it to the proper date. They were unrelenting in their insistence that I had to pay a penalty fee per person to change the ticket. They told me their policy is all changes must take place with 24 hours, but they did not send the confirmation for two days!! I tried to explain and prove that I had not changed my travel plans (Hotel, Rental Car), but had merely mistakenly hit the wrong return date. No sympathy for honest mistakes. I tried calling customer service and after going through a myriad of selections and finally arriving at what I thought would allow me to speak to a representative I was put on hold for 15 mins and then disconnected. I did this twice.
I finally tried to change to the correct date and pay the penalty. Twice I was put on hold and disconnected after going through all of the information.
On the third attempt, I was successful but I had to leave a day earlier because the flight was no longer available. The agents are confused (I had to question the penalty fee price as I was told several different amounts), they apparently do not know how to operate a phone (disconnected several times) and they are unsupervised as I asked to speak with a supervisor and each time I was told they were in a meeting and they could not give me their name.
Aero Mexico got me this time but never again, and I would advise all of you not to use this airline just based on my reservation experiences.
I can't wait to see what happens on the actual flight