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I called Emirates reservation centre in May and the call was received at their india call centre. I requested for a fare quote JFK to NBO with a week stopover in lace w:st="on">Dubai</ST1lace>. The associate quoted me $1310(with tax 1410) I was happy with the fare quoted and I immediately requested her to make a reservation. She refused to make the reservation claiming that she was instructed not to make any reservation for NBO tickets and the excuse given was that NBO reservations require paper tickets and not E-tickets. I advised her that I did travel to <ST1lace w:st="on">Africa</ST1lace> in December and I did get an E-ticket. I suggested her to make the reservation and I would pick up the ticket at a local Emirates office. She still refused to make the reservation. I advised that I will verify the information about NBO tickets with my travel agent. I spoke to my travel agent and he advised me that E- tickets for lace w:st="on">Nairobi</ST1lace> can be issued and the reservation can be made over the phone as well. I called back Emirates call centre and spoke to Jaisheel who advised the special $1400 no longer exist. He told me that the best fare he could offer is $1900. I demanded to speak to a supervisor after along argument with him. Jaisheel tried to hesitate and then finally connected me to spoke to supervisor Dickens Thomas. Mr Thomas stated that he could not do anything about the fare apart from apologizing for his associate’s intolerant behavior. He claimed that the best he could offer was 1790. I asked him for the Emirates New York phone number. He advised to call the same number during the day.
I called during the day and spoke to supervisor Sonia. She advised that the fare was gone and could not do anything for me whether the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<ST1<ST1<ST1<ST1lace w:st="on">India</ST1lace></st1:country-region> associate made a mistake or not. I requested to speak to her manager. Sonia connected to Sean Campbell. Mr. Campbell advised me that he will give me the low fare and would put me back to Sonia to complete the reservation. Sonia asked for my travel dates in order to process the booking. She then went ahead quoted me the same fare of 1790. I indicated to her that Mr. Campbell promised me a low fare. Sonia claimed that she was advised differently. I demanded to speak back with Sean Campbell. She deceived me by saying that Mr. Campbell was not available. I ask to pass a message for a callback. Sean Campbell never called me back.
I am completely dismayed with Emirates sickening demeanor.