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Dear Jasheel,

I am sorry to hear that you have not received the correct information from Emirates in regards to the issuance of e-Tickets from NBO.

I called back Emirates call centre and spoke to Jaisheel who advised the special $1400 no longer exist. He told me that the best fare he could offer is $1900. I demanded to speak to a supervisor after along argument with him
1. It is standard policy among all airlines to quote what is known as the running fare or the lowest fare where seats are available. If the seats for the particular fare are not available that fare will also not be available.

Also, by the tone of this sentence I believe you would not be prepared to listen to anyone if they tried to explain what i just told you in a reasonable manner.

Mr Thomas stated that he could not do anything about the fare apart from apologizing for his associate’s intolerant behavior
2. You were already advised by Mr Thomas that he will not be able to help you in regards to fare, please see my first point about running fares.

Mr. Campbell advised me that he will give me the low fare and would put me back to Sonia to complete the reservation
3. As you have not mentioned which fare Mr Campbell (?) has quoted to you it is highly possible that he was also unable to offer the fare and $1790 is the lowest fare that could be sold. Please refer to point 1.

Sonia asked for my travel dates in order to process the booking. She then went ahead quoted me the same fare of 1790. I indicated to her that Mr. Campbell promised me a low fare. Sonia claimed that she was advised differently.
4. As mentioned in point number 3 $1790 is the lowest fare that was available and hence it was offered to you.

She deceived me by saying that Mr. Campbell was not available. I ask to pass a message for a callback. Sean Campbell never called me back.
5. You were never deceived, that Mr Campbell was not available may have been a true statement as he is a Supervisor and generally supervisors in a call centre's or ticket offices are extremely busy.

The basis of this complaint is a waste of time and the fact that you had nothing better to do than **** and moan about not getting what you want. Hard fact of life... you dont always get what you want so deal with it.

Just realised i am replying to a 7 year post... goddamn.