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Default Air Asia deceiving customer AK1819

I would like to report what I feel is a deceitful act by Air Asia, low budget airline out of Malaysia which flies to various cities in Southeast Asia. Today I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur airport around four hours early from my flight time, so I decided to attempt to find an earlier flight to my final destination, being Singapore. I went to the Air Asia sales counter and they informed me that the flight cost would be 330 RM (a little over 100 USD). Knowing that there are often baggage fees on these low cost airlines for checked luggage weighting over 15 kg, I asked them how much this would be. They gave me a convoluted formula that I understood to mean my additional cost was 155 RM (about 50 USD), which I thought was ridiculous, but was still ready to pay. They then told me I had to buy my ticket at the sales counter and pay for baggage fee at check in. When I went to check in they told me my cost was over 650 RM (over 215 USD). Then then decided that I wanted nothing to do with this flight and demanded my money back since I was already booked on another flight but later that evening. They refused to return my money, even after speaking with several managers and pleading my case. As you might guess, I was livid and vow never to fly this deceitful airline again. Unfortunately, I have no recourse since I paid in cash because they said that they couldn't take my Amex or MC. Be very VERY careful using this airline, as their internal rules are unscrupulous.