Complaint: Canceled / Delayed / Overbooked Emirates Attn Sabeena Kakkodi
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Default Emirates Attn Sabeena Kakkodi

After being denied boarding by Emirates at Heathrow, I was given complimentary tickets as compensation. I followed their procedure by contacting them to convert vouchers to tickets. I called Emirates and eventually received, by email, the tickets with a full itinerary and booking reference.

Now Emirates says they can confirm that I contacted them before the voucher deadline, but they can't substantiate what conversation took place between their agent and I so are not sure I asked for tickets! Although their agent confirmed he was emailing me tickets and although Emirates emailed me my booking reference and full itinerary,they say I was never issued tickets and now my voucher has expired so they can't help. They've ignored their email to me. They've ignored the record of my conversations with them. They've ignored the fact that even now when I log onto their website with my booking reference, I see my itinerary and flight status marked as confirmed? They imply the fault is mine (but won't tell me what I should have done that I didn't) and say they can't imagine why I even thought I had tickets with them in the first place, in spite of the fact that I have their emails and my confirmed travel itinerary is showing on their website!

Distressed beyond words. Tried their complaints procedure and they took me around in circles before finally saying they can't help me and the case is closed.