Complaint: Frequent Flyer Program British Airways: GB Airways sale to Easyjet
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Angry British Airways: GB Airways sale to Easyjet

I have booked flights to Malaga from Gatwick post 30 March when Easyjet are due to takeover the GB Airways operation. I booked my flights using BA Miles. On the outbound I am flying BA mainline, however the inbound leg is operated by GB Airways, and is still being advertised on with full service, etc, etc.
BA mainline have a flight 15 minutes later from Malaga, and I asked to be simply transferred to this flight, as opposed to possibly having to fly Easyjet (we are travelling with an infant and I have heard some real horror stories about their boarding procedures). This request I am told is impossible - there are no BA miles seats on this flight. So, I emailed customer services, asking them how they can still sell flights, advertised with full BA service, knowing fair well these will be operated, if atall, by easyjet? This is false advertising, and misleading to the extreme.
We have a connecting flight at Gatwick, with BA, and the prospect of having to reclaim bags and change terminals is not what we need. I am continuously told to wait for easyjet's announcement. However, I booked using BA miles, for a BA service. Like for like should be the alternative.
Having flown religiously with BA for over 10 years, I find this disgusting. I have been informed that I can cancel my mileage flights and pay for seats on their flight 15 minutes later!! What a response for loyalty!
Over 1 week ago I submitted via an email to their customer relations team - I'm still waiting!
Anyone else experiencing a similar situation?