Complaint: Baggage Problem Baggage Destroyed
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Old Jul 16, 2008, 6:47 AM
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Horrible situation, but one thing I would recommend to any, and ALL passengers;

Anytime you travel, always bring a carry on with you, that contains any electronic devices, medication, money, credit cards, keys, drivers license, at least one pair of clothes, and anything valuable, or that you may need. Luggage does get "lost/delayed" sometimes, and there are a few occassions (although rare) that a bag may become damaged, or destroyed. The only thing you should keep in your checked luggage is clothes.

As for the tracking number. UPS and FedEx give out tracking numbers for people to track their packages. Same thing. Give you a number so you can track it online, and see where it is, when it will arrive, etc., instead of having to call, and talk to a machine constantly. Seems like they were helping you out, there.