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Generally, I have been flying with Delta airlines for years and have never had an issue, but this time was different and I wanted to bring it to your attention. The original flight 5504 was out of Atlanta, GA., and was supposed to land in Columbia, SC., at approximately 11:30pm however, strong storms were over the airport and the plane could not land. The plane was re-routed to Charleston, SC. and we landed and waited on the tarmac for approximately an hour while the plane was refueled and the correct paperwork was approved for the flight. Please note during this time, the A/C was not able to supply cool air and many passengers were sweating, including me. The flight attendant did pass out water after 30 mins or so, which mind you, had no ice to cool the water down. After clearing the paperwork and refueling the plane, we took back off to Columbia, SC., and the plane touched the ground at 1:55am. The return time of 1:55am forced me to change my plans and other parties involved with this incoming flight and again, this was highly undesirable for myself and friends waiting on my arrival time.
To be honest, I am disappointed in the way this was handled by Delta airlines and I think the flight crew and the plane were overloaded and could not maintain comfortable cabin temperatures for its passengers. Please advise how this matter will be handled in potential future travels with Delta airlines.


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