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This happened to me on January 12, 2007
I was connecting in London Gatwick and my connecting plane arrived late. I was at the American Airlines gate 35 minutes prior to departure but the agents denied my booking with the pretext that the flight had been closed. I then was charged $200 to rebook to a different flight to Dallas Fort Worth. That flight was flying at an extremely light load but I was still charged $200 to be put into this flight. Upon arrival to DFW my flight was canceled due to the weather. I paid my own hotel and transportation. The flights were canceled for the following three days. I am a graduate student so I rented a car to reach my destination ASAP. When I received my luggage 6 days later, all my clothes were wet, my luggage torn apart and the wheels were broken. What did AA do? Absolutely nothing. The luggage weight was only 41 pounds. According to AA agent in Lubbock, Texas, where I went to pick up my luggage, it was overweight. Conundrum!!! Again the agent blames it on me because I packed heavy. The current weight of checked luggaage is 50 pounds. Please, help me with my math. What does AA do again? Absolutely nothing. After three weeks they sent me my refund for the ticket that I canceled - it was $26 for a one way flight. That was ridiculous. I sent the check back to AA marked as VOID and hopefully it will help them better financially then it would help me. There is not a single one way flight that any customer can buy on AA for $26. Why did I receive only $26 for my unused flight? The ticket agent at DFW where I canceled my flight told me I would receive $190 plus taxes refund on the unused ticket. Why did I receive only $26?
It is a shame because I have flown AA for six years and I have too many miles with them. Last year they denied my boarding, then in another flight they broke my laptop and not refunded me and now all this mess. I refuse to fly AA until they apologize to me and reimburse me in the proper way.
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