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They are so rude!!

How can we stop the madness???

Here is my story:

I have never been harassed by a flight attendant like I was today , Feb 11th 2007, on Flight # 1683 from St Louis to Dallas Fort Worth. My intentions are to get a lawyer to help me with this matter. At app. 1:45 pm I entered the airplane, as I was about to get in my seat #11D, there was a young woman in front of me moving luggage in the upper bin so she could fit in her luggage before she sat in seat # 12D. A flight attendant then ran from the back of the plane, very stressed, physically and emotionally, screaming at this young girl. I asked the flight attendant why she was so mean, she then snapped into a rage and began threatening me. I became the line of fire for this woman, she then attacked me verbally pointing her finger in my face. She kept pacing and accusing me of "starting with her". A young gentleman arrived to sit in the seat next to me, so I asked him if thiswas his seat, he said yes, so I stood up and next thing I know the flight attendant came charging at me "You want to prolong this mam, then I am going to get you kicked off the plane" . I have no idea where this rage came from. At this point I am terrified because she is so angry and stressed. I was then escorted off the plane, spoken to , then let back on. The flight attendant lied and said I used profanitites. She was threatening me, not the other way around. I have called a lawyer and I have 6 witnesses. I cried the entire way home with no apology from the airline, no comfort. There was one Flight Attendant who was very nice to me. The first mentioned flight attendant was harassing me.

This treatment from AA fight attendants needs to stop!!!! She even yelled at me in the airport as she got off the plane. I just think that AA should take responsibility for haveing rude, stressed out, flight attendants who flex thier "power" when they are stressed out to humilate, harass, and scream at passengers who pay money to fly "the friendly skies".

How can we stop this? I feel so violated for the way I was treated. It just isn't fair.
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