Complaint: In-flight Issue Abysmal 1st class service & unsafe flight
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Default Abysmal 1st class service & unsafe flight

CAUTION IN FLYING AMERICAN INTERNATIONALLY: Recent flight on American 1st class service from Heathrow was beyond deplorable. Importantly, was unsafe!
Our service was the worst imaginable after spending $14000, flight #81 on 6/11/18! American refused any compensation or consideration, multiple times. The flight was a medically serious situation, as my wife had emergency surgery in Prague; 6 days before the horrendous flight.
The flight attendants ignored her when she cried out in pain. American’s antiquated 1st class cabins are beyond obsolete compared with BA, and Delta – my recent flight's experiences. We had flown British Air to Europe two weeks earlier. The BA 1st class flight was luxurious; where American’s service was deplorable. The final meal was a “Hot Dog” in 1st class – REALLY!
My partner flew American 1st class to Japan recently and had the same, terrible service. I suggested American send their flight crews to Delta in British Air for training. American’s customers meet with extreme electronic bureaucracy when filing complaints. I will avoid all American International first class cabins going forward and seek alternative carriers. The international DFW area flying public is left with very few choices in DFW. Sounds monopolistic!
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