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Default Air India - I.N.D.I.A = I'd Never Do It Again!

Returned from Delhi on Nov 3 on AI101. Two of my 4 bags were missing claim ref: *******. After 40 days and over 20 phone calls, one of my bags was returned, intact. The tags on the bag indicated that the day after my flight, the bag was put in storage on the fourth floor by BUZZ. I believe that my second bag is there as well. The woman I called in NY at (718) 632-1444 helped as much as she could. She was unable to actually contact ANYONE in Delhi, either by phone or email. As of this week she said that she had turned the problem over to her supervisor but I have not heard from anyone and the phone does not pickup anymore and the voice mail on it is full.

I would like to either get the bag (preferable) or put in a claim for it.

I have posted this complaint on and notified the consumer affairs dept and the air website.