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One of the biggest airline problems is that they are simply unwilling to pay for decent staff to put things right. It is a pervasive problem across all airlines to "get rid" of the problem, rather than solve it. As a result, passengers in airports are regularly lied to, ie..yes, the second leg has been booked, your bags have been put on the next flight, etc. the goal is to get rid of you. Indeed, some incentivise this behaviour by paying bonuses based on the number of calls handled, rather than incentivising resolution.

In addition, the staff only solve the problem in front of them, and don't follow through. They will often tell passengers you are booked on the next leg, collect your boarding pass at the gate. Lies, they are on standby. In your case, the seat reservations are cancelled due to equipment change, but the airline has no procedure for ensuring hose passengers who have paid for extra leg are taken care off....they just wait until the customer shrieks! It is outrageous..
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