Complaint: Swiss Air Is A Joke
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I fly almost weekly and have put up with a lot of issues that are quite truly out of an individuals control, but I have to complain about a recent Swiss air flight. I paid for extra legroom on my return trip from Zurich to Chicago, and was put in a seat that did not have extra legroom. In fact, the seat in from of me was next to the door so it had a metal box taking up half of the legroom underneath the seat in front of me. The passenger in front of me proceeded to put his seat back which was a few inches from chest and I could not sit flat on my seat due to how close the seats were placed. I PAID for extra legroom and they gave me a seat with NO legroom. It was a 10 hour flight in which I sat from on one hip then another, because my legs would not fit under the seat. The person in front of me refused to sit up. I asked Swiss air to refund me the charge for the extra legroom and they refused to pay it back. I took it to a supervisor who also said they refused to pay it back. NEVER FLY SWISS AIR. I am a global traveler in the pharmaceutical industry and I will be sure to share this in my LinkedIn global forums as well.
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Swiss Air, don't ignore your Customer Complaints. Reply NOW!