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I’m sharing with you my recent, horrendous experience with US Airways so that you all can be informed before booking a flight with them. Due to convenience of location, I simply booked most of my flights with US/American Airlines although
they consistently exhibits poor conduct and manipulation. On a recent flight to Greenville, NC, my wife’s flight got canceled before 50 minutes departure time, due to their so-called reason, “too late” to check in. Hence, her flight got pushed back to stand-by. She waited from 4 am to 2pm and none of the seat from standby flights available. Consequently, she spoke to the US Airway agent to see if they can honored the returned portion of the trip if she booked another departure flight with Southwest since there’s no guarantee of their flight availability. The agent reassured her that she could and their airline would honored it. However, when she got to the check in today for her returned flight, the agent at the counter informed her the ticket was automatically voided because she did not fly out on her initial flight (although her baggage initially was already checked in and arrived to Greenville). If she purchases that same returned flight, it would cost her over $800 (in addition to $200 fee charged for changing her flight). Needless to say, we could not win any argument with US Airways and in the end, we spent close to $2000 for our ticket because of the greedy, sneaky business operation of US airline. We had no luck trying to deal with customer service since they refuse to look for any possible remedies to rectify all their shortcomings as an business entity. What’s a costly, stressful experience! Think before you book another flight with US Airways.