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We have flown Alaska for the last 15 years, but with their changing policy re: Luggage Pricing, we are seriously considering changing carriers. We fly to Cabo, MX, yearly. We book early and get good seats, and non-stop when available. The last two years we have booked in Jan one year for a trip the following Jan. Then in Jun last year for a trip in Jan again. Both times our schudule has been changed, without notification. Non-Stops become one or more stops.

Next, Last year we received two bags checked for free, but this year if you booked after Jun 2009, your first piece of luggage is now $15.00, second is $25.00. You have to pay going to Cabo, MX, Alaska considers it a local flight, but you must have Passports. If you go to Mexico City, it is considered an International flight, and get two checked pieces of luggage for free. Agents we asked don't understant why either. We asked. Sounds like Alaska doesn't understand what international means. Just more money to line their pockets with. Service in general has really gotten worse these last 2 or 3 years.
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