Complaint: In-flight Issue Request 50% refund of first class fare
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Default Request 50% refund of first class fare

September 17, 2018. Flight #1211, ORD to SFO. My husband and I occupied seats 2a and 2c.

Reclining mechanism of both our seats inoperative (also for seat 1c). Flight attendant adjusted seats manually each time we wanted to change position.

Personal television on 2c inoperative. No audio, no image on monitor.

Dinner options on menu cancelled two minutes after menu-card was provided. Verbal substitutions also quickly rescinded. Instead, lemon chicken on inedible Brussels Sprout only option.

Request 50% refund of first class premium fare for both tickets, because no first class service was received. The premium fare includes the two $159.99 and $250 charges for changing our flight.

Comment. Your maintenance department must have reported these malfunctions—if it did not, you have problems bigger than two disgruntled customers. But it is shameful of you to put that plane in service and still charge full first class fare.

Thank you,

Belinda Dronkers-Laureta