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On our defence, my 2 year old wasn't too noisy. He was just playing with us. since there was not any playing room. We understand that other people had right to have quite atmosphere but we also have right to be in the lounge. We never have this problem with other airlines. We had use cathay pacific, finnair and singapore airlines for our long haul trip. We were fine in their lounge and our son also made some noise as any other kid would. That's why we were so dissapointed since this is not the happening in any other airlines. Anyway some of the passangers in the lounge are also playing with my son so at least I know they're not complaining about him.
When the staff came and told us to be quiet, she could offer some solution. Give him a toys or invent something to help us. Not just shrug her shoulder ad left like she wouldn't care. And if it is not allowed to make any noise in the lounge, then Austrian airline should mention that somehow in their homepage. And we won't even consider using it because we know that is not the airline for us. What is offending is that the staff didn't even offer any help. Just come and complain and shrug her shoulder and left when we asked what should we do. We wouldn't mind if she asked nicely and offer some solution. That was why we took business class. so we got help with our son. Since it is a tiring flight.
And anyway when we complain to the customer service. As in any right mind airline's customer service (seeing the customer is quite angry) they have to calm us down somehow and being humble and not blame us even more and give us rules on how to behave in their lounge. our behavior is accepted in other airlines lounge without any problem. We only have proplem with this small airlines that is having snob staffs and customer service. Maybe if they go to some business school or training, they know how to treat their customer abit better.