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Ok, let's play...

1. You are either very unlucky, a liar or a nitpicking numpty. The number of posts describing a series of recent journeys around the globe with a catalogue of disasters stretches credulity, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are unlucky. I suspect however, you may well be all three.

2. I am hardly an airline sympathiser, which any reading of my posts would reveal.

3. WTF are you talking about where you go postal about where I said that you said Air India were liable? Read it again... I never said anything of the sort. The same goes for the rest of your rambling nonsense. My only point was that the EU only has the legal right to legislate about EU based carriers, and could not have extended the law to cover airlines based in other countries

4. You might consider not responding to my posts until you are sober

5. Cathay Pacific is owned 41% by Swire. This is a company going back a couple f hundred years and began in Liverpool, which is in the West. It continues to bridge western and eastern ownership and cultures. Perhaps your latter, more positive experience demonstrates that you are quick to leap to the wrong conclusion and adopt a bolshy attitude, with very little evidence. That is certainly what you did in your reply to my post.