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Originally Posted by flyhi152 View Post
I had a confirmed reservation for a flight with Air India from Los Angeles to Frankfurt (non stop). My connecting flight to Spain would have been about 3.5 hours after arriving in Frankfurt.

When I arrived at the airport in Los Angeles I was advised that the flight had been canceled because the plane had been damaged a day before and the replacement plane would not fly to Frankfurt. Instead, it would fly to London several hours later. When I asked the manager why this plane would go to London instead of Frankfurt (Air India never had any route Los Angeles - London at that time) the answer was: "there are only 10 passengers scheduled for Frankfurt, that's why we are sending the plane to London". This still did not make sense to me: If there was a scheduled flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, why wouldn't the replacement plane not be able to do that flight ??? I felt that this explanation was complete nonsense.

Finally I was rebooked onto a flight with Air France to Paris with a layover in Paris and a connecting flight to Frankfurt. When I arrived in Frankfurt about 4 hours later than planned, my connecting flight to Spain was gone. I had to spend the night in Frankfurt, buy myself a new ticket to Spain and lost the money for my reservations in Spain.

Later I tried to make a claim and submitted copies of the receipts for my expenses. Air India never paid me a single cent, not even a goodwill voucher or anything similar. Their position was: you had 2 separate tickets and we are not responsible for your loss. I believe that this Airline should make it into the Guiness Book of records for the worst airline customer service.
Bad situation!! Your flight is canceled and you also lost the compensation!