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I have been a customer service agent for a few different airlines and ALL of them told us to look for the sticker on a car seat. Now I'm a flight attendant and we are also told in our training to look for the sticker. If it's not there, the child can't sit in it. No proof that it's FAA certified. If we just take word for it and god forbid something were to happen, it's our ass. I can your side of it and the flight attendants side. You mention crm with the captain, but he didn't authorize it. You also say you know the far's , so you wanted them to break the far just for you?

I understand your side too. Quick question. They didn't give you the car seat back? What did they do with it? They couldn't gate check it? I would call them and fight with them on that. I think they owe you a car seat.