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Default Malaysia Airlines - missing check in luggage

I travelled from MEL to SGN with a 2-hour transit in KL on 26th November 2012. Somehow Malaysia Airlines managed to lose one of my two check-in luggages. It has been 7 days and all I get EVERY SINGLE TIME I call is "we are working on it" or "theres no update on the system yet". This is certainly a sign of their lack of quality in customer service. When I bought my ticket from what everyone rates as a prestigious airlines, I expected the service as well as the customer support in situations such as locating my missing luggage to be the equal match.

Not only did they not manage to help me locate my bag after 1 WEEK, their customer service is also horrible in 3 other ways. Firstly, in one of the time when I called the Malaysia Airlines in Malaysia, the person who answered my call sounded frustrated and hung up on me while Im trying to help Malaysia Airlines to do its job by giving them a better description of my bag. Malaysia Airlines needs to understand the frustration and the desperation that its customers experience when their luggage went missing. Its employees thus should sound more sympathetic to the issue rather than deciding its a good thing to hang up on the customers.

Secondly, in one of the times I called their office, after giving them my reference number (which I got after reporting to the lost& found service) I asked if they could call me back since Im running low on credits. That person said no. He only changed his mind after 5 minutes when I explained to him and sounded angry (good job there Malaysia Airlines! I was going to call in and sound nice but you did a great job at getting me on my nerves).

Lastly, I sent them a complain letter to them shortly after losing my luggage and they haven't replied back. This is Marketing 101. When you have an angry customer, emailing back with an apology is the most basic thing Malaysia Airlines should do. Similar happened to the facebook post I put on their wall. If you want to have a look, here is the link: ( As you can see from the link, despite having nearly 150 likes on my post, Malaysia Airlines has done nothing, not even an apology.

In this kind of economy, Malaysia Airlines really need to lift their game or they will face some real troubles from frustrated customers who are sure as hell going to leave you for good with service like this. If anyone has some time to spare and google Malaysia AIrlines, you will find that Malaysia Airlines is struggling in this economy already. Providing such customer service and support is certainly not a good sign for them. If I have to rate their customer service, I will give it 2/10 MAX.

If anyone see my luggage, I would be eternally thankful if you can leave a message.