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Originally Posted by jimworcs View Post
This information is quite easy to find on their took me about 5 minutes to find it... and if you had called this number, I am sure you could have got the information you required. It is very frustrating how ignorant so many employees are of their employers policies, but you have to, I am afraid, assume they are dishonest.. if you had a good experience with Emirates, I think perhaps you should have stuck with them.
I am not an experienced flier. Like I said I have only ever flown ONCE in the last 20 years and that time I RANG emirates and everything including Oxygen was organized by PHONE.

So based on that previous experience I assumed ringing them was the correct method, rather then searching through the internet.

I gave that number you provided a call and guess what....It turned out to be the EXACT SAME AUTOMATED PHONE RECORDING that I have called many times over and over. It was a waste of credit calling Malaysia as I was confronted with the same message telling me...: "press1 for enrcih members, press 2 for ticket office, press 3 for business class etc etc..."

Obviously that's why the message you posted concludes saying "or your nearest Malaysia Airlines ticketing office" because it's the exact same phone recording I've been calling through a local number. But I do appreciate your help but as you can see even their website is misleading and unhelpful.

So what do I do now?