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First this is a site devoted to complaints about specific airlines, not stupid stuff like "I don't like the speeches about safety blah, blah, blah." That's beyond stupid, to the point where it actually does make you look like an ******. You might wanna make the issue about you, but guess what, it will never, ever, EVER in your existence be about you. Thank god the world doesn't revolve around YOU or i wouldn't even consider suicide, i'd just do it. You wanna complain about security? Complain to TSA! You wanna complain about the speeches that you hear on every airline, on every plane, towards any destination? Complain to FAA, DOT, or whomever is responsible for making airlines have em. Dude your a joke and not even a funny one at that. You're the kind of joke that is so bad, people walk away in disgust. you're the kind of joke comedians won't touch because "it's too easy". You are right about one thing, security doesn't bother me, the safety speeches don't bother me either, if this bothers you so much, DRIVE. Why the hell would you wanna fly if this bothers you so much? hell it will take longer, but at least you know you'll get the seat the way you want it, listen to the music you want, you can stop when you want, eat when you want and the only security you'll have to deal with is highway patrol, but come on at best you get a ticket for speeding. Oh that's right because you read the big banner that says "complaint" you thought you'd vent on something EVERYONE has to deal with and NO ONE can avoid, yet we're the stupid, simple ones for calling you an "******". Get over yourself dude.

I also think this thread should be closed, I just think its beyond pointless.
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