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Originally Posted by pattis View Post
Roadwarrior...are you like 12 years old...sounds like it. You are a real self centered jerk with an attitude problem. You are the type of person I absolutly love to deal with. You come to the airport where I work and mouth off at the gate like that, and I would have you and your IPOD hauled out of the airport by security. Grow the HELL up!!!
Typical unprofessional airline employee attitude, using your position as a power hungry Nazi to berate and harass, escalating situations because you are lacking in the appropriate social skills..wait, were you picked on in high school??? No wonder you chose this line of work. Hiding behind an anonymous post reveals the true intention of you and your ilk. And as for "absolutly loving (sic) to deal with...", no **** Shirlock, those of us who have paid thousands of dollars in airfare to be treated like dirt by shills like you have already figured out that you LOVE confrontation!!!!
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