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Wish I had read some of these postings before my experience today wit AC. I was 2.5hrs early for my flight and the agent was new at the job and was asking me to produce my visa to UAE my final destination. I told her I didn't need a visa as a Canadian citizen to visit UAE plus I had a work entry visa valid for years. Her colleague jump in and quickly escalated the situation and took my passport to a manager who then systematically delayed me intentionally till I miss my flight. The lack of customer service I received is shocking. Even more shocking was the way the manager handled the situation I guess its true what they say. " its all start from the top down"
Unless the UAE and Canada have straightened things out on bilateral Air agreements, the UAE have imposed multiple restrictions on citizens from Canada. One of the restrictions includes the need to have visas and they are/were charging a higher rate to Canadian citizens.
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