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Default Terrible and rude consumer service

The company lost my bag on the 20th, I lost my connection because of that. It took 5 days to find the bag. I spent 4 days in Orlando without a bag and afraid of purchasing things because the company never gave me clear guidelines.
They authorized me to purchase what I needed and now they donít want to pay me full reimbursement. They never provided polices, amount or date on what and when I could purchase things.

They advised me by email on the 25th that they would call to schedule the delivery. I was told that before and I didnít believe. At this point I was in a friends house and went to Chicago for a couple of days. On my way back, on the 26th I stooped at the outlet to get things that I still needed because I wasnít sure anymore if I was really going to receive my bag or not and if my things or inside or not.

They state that itís very convenient for me to purchase things on the same day, basically insinuating that Iím taking advantage ou laying about the situation that Iíve explained a thousand times.

After speaking more than 10 times with different agenda treatnedreceiving same answer, Iíve escalated to a manager that call me today, almost one month after the episode, stating that my ONLY option is to accept the terrible offer they made, reimbursement 180/520. And he threatened me staying that he we would close my case because he couldnít offer anything else, he could add a voucher but I donít want the voucher. I want my reimbursement, nothing more, nothing less, but fully reimbursement for 520 american dollars
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