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It agree that it can be tempting to book separate tickets due to the low cost revolution in Europe and in your case the lack of cheap connecting flights BCN-RHO, but when it occasionaly goes wrong, it goes very very wrong and no insurance can cover it.
I have only heard bad things about Vueling, so i would advice you not to ruin your holiday in Italy by using them, try look at flights from nearby Girona to Italy, Ryanair demands you to be very concentrated when booking in order not to raise the fare and service is non-existent, but their d number of cancelled flights is far lower than Vueling.

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Thansk for the reply.

I do feel that it is a lost cause from what I have read with other people experiencing the same problem. It seems to be a common occurance that they reschedule flights.

I just feel that surely they should have to provide more notice?

Also that we were told we could go on a flight on the friday and then uppon looking into that and calling, were told there wasnt even a flight on the friday, nor could she tell me if there ever had been.

Just upset at having to spend an extra 260 euros that we do not have to spend, and also their lack of response initially. I will definatley write in to complain anyway, even if i feel it wont get anywhere.

It really annoys me aswell that my parents are going on a holiday to italy in august and just invited me and my girlfriend to come and meet them for a few days, but vueling is the only airline flying from here. I dont feel that I can take the risk in booking with them incase the same thing happens again. So probably will end up not going at all if cant find an alternative airline.
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