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Every one I like to inform every one and also like to raise a complain all the passenger who travel By AIR INDIA EXPRESS, I had a bad experience when I was traveling From Mangalore to Doha With My wife and my child, the staff are so rude and lot of harassments from staff till the security in the Mangalore Air Port, trying to open all the baggageís creating problems to the passengers unnecessarily without any strong reasons, its has been noticed that the new ways to make money is that for access baggage weight where they have Set the electronic weigh machine is to 5kgs More then the normal, usually we weigh our baggageís from our manual weigh machine, which may have some error, considering this and taking this point in mind we reduce our things much more then the luggage allowance to avoid the charge of access luggage, but still every one find the weight more then what they expect, so the Air Port make a good profit of this charging Rs. 475/- per kg, and next thing is that after boarding the flight they donít provide any kind of food or a glass water for hours after the take up where we find and face tuff time due to the flight is at 7Am and we had to report to the Airport at 5Am without having a proper breakfast, mean while I would like to tell you that I had booked my flight at 8 Am and at last movement I was lucky enough to know that have called me and informed me the flight time has changed to7 Am or else it would be another problem that i may miss the flight, later one board the seats of the flight is such a bad condition that we cannot even lean back,, traveling for hours its normal that passengers may need some entertainment for getting bored, but in this flight they take another advantage of the passenger to make money that is the drop down the TV screen with a movie which is of their own choice and each TV provided for 2 passengers where it cant even watched properly with fading effect on it, and try to sell the headphones to hear the Audio of the movie, and this headphones are waste after they use in in the aircraft because its not useful for any audio equipment, later on the food supplied is not even worth for animals to eat, such kind of food are supplied for passengers, were I noticed everything is returned back to dustbin when gathering back, After that comes liquors for selling like whisky wine bear etc to make again some bossiness in the board ,The Airlines are taking advantage as there are no other international flights from Mangalore where the passengers are helpless and forced to take a direct flight from Mangalore. This flights does not have any accurate timings and can change their timings at anytime, more over flights also can cancel any movement and even refund not available so we can take any other flight to avoid delay even though the fault and delay is from their side. earlier I have noticed there were 2 flights in a week and now its 1 flight for a week witch is not reliable, the timings are very early morning which is makes in convince to all passengers who are traveling, The Air India Express is not bothered of giving a good service but trying to make Money and take advantage of the passengers who are helpless, and they say the flights are going in loss may be this is th reason they try to recover their loss in this kind of business, even though they donít have any feelings of Air crash took place recently, and passengers traveling in this are flying with risk, comparing to this I really appreciate Emirates Airlines which I use to fly from Bangalore to Doha, Via Dubai, but I do enjoy the good service , I had 8Kgs of access baggage were I was not charged any this extra for this due to the kindness of the airlines, the baggage allowance was 30Kg and the Hand bag allowance was 7kgs ,and the cabin crew I found were polite too, the food was excellent , and they had provide a free TV to each seat in front of the passengers with a control box hanging were we can select movie ,songs and games to kind along with a free head phones, there was also a night lamp where we can use it for our convenience, tea coffee are provide to everyone on request any time when they needed it, they also provide toys ,color pencil blankets to kids and children with some special gifts which makes children happy to enjoy the journey, it was said Emirates Airline gets Award every year for the best service and performance, but just I had taken a chance in the Indian Express that to avoid traveling to Bangalore to take this fight, that was a mistake I had made and faced this problem, or else traveling to Bangalore is not so tuff as there are more then 400 luxury super delux AC buss Pvt and Govt, every day too and fro, where we donít even find tired after a sleep in the sleeper coach and next morning reaching to Bangalore, Airport busses are available from the buss stop which makes passengers convenient, and the New Bangalore International Airport is excellent comparing to Mangalore Airport, so I request and cooperate all who have gone thorough this problems and also join hands to teach them a lesson, that the Airlines are for the service of People and its not that the People are here to give them business and take advantages of them, And stop to put an end to this Monkey Business.

PNB:- Please add coments if any of you have gone with any kind of problems by this Airlines
Thank You
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