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My grandparents recently flew from Salt Lake City to JFK, and then boarded a new flight from JFK to Moscow. Both flights were Delta. The domestic flight was nice and smooth; there were no problems at all. My grandparents arrived at JFK, had their luggage transferred, and boarded their international flight. So far so good. The plane is taxiing to the runway, when, suddenly, the pilot announces that the landing gear has a problem and must be replaced. My grandma, who was sitting by the window, saw the new landing gear being installed. This took about an hour. The plane finally starts taxiing again. It's almost at the runway, when, suddenly, KABOOM! The whole plane gives a violent shake and the electricity goes out. The captain announces, "We have a big problem." Another hour passes. Turns out a generator exploded or something like that. The plane departs very late. Personally, when I heard this story, I was very surprised. I don't understand how a plane who has just experienced two pretty big problems could possibly be allowed to take to the sky without serious safety checks. Anyway, the flight was just as bad. There was no order on the plane at all. During takeoff, some guy just gets up and starts searching for his carry-on luggage. WTF??? The food was also terrible, but all airline food is terrible so I guess that's not a complaint. Throughout the whole flight, even during takeoff and dinner, this guy in front of my grandpa leans back all the way, seemingly to just be mean to my grandpa. When my grandpa asked the flight attendant to tell the guy to lean forward because he couldn't eat (because the table was jabbing him in the stomach), the flight attendant made some wise comment about rights and that she had no right to tell him to do this. Furthermore, there were no personal TVs on the plane (because it was an old and creaky 767 like 20 years old) and the films they did show on the movie screens which were about 12" were stupendously stupid. One was about a boy who didn't want to rake leaves and the other was about high school relationships and sex (seriously? I mean, seriously, Delta? ). Now, I'm not trying to discriminate against Russian people, but, my grandpa flew this same flight a few years earlier and almost the whole crew was American. That flight was a lot better and the flight attendants were much more helpful. Also, the domestic flight was very good. Also, an American would never dream of doing what the person in front of my grandpa did (leaning back on purpose to bother him).
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