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The reason you are getting no response is your complaint is just stupid. Americans don't recline their seats... Seriously? No pilot Would take off knowing the plane was unsafe. You realise the pilot would also die if the plane crashed right?

The fact that the pilot returned to the gate when there was a problem is your first clue that the pilot was not reckless.

Aeroflot is a sky team member, so it is possible your grandparents flew on them, but even if they did not, flying delta you can expect pretty low standards of service. Bad airline food is such a cliche it is hardly worth a mention.

At most you have a complaint about the toilet, but would you rather fly without further delay and have to queue for the toilet or have a further delay. These are the kinds of decisions the pilots have to make.

You complaint about the seat is about rude and annoying other passengers. The FAs can only enforce putting the seat upright during take off and landing. I have been on a couple of BA flights where to FA has made an announcement "as a courtesy to others, please can you put your seat in the upright position during dinner service" but ultimately this is up to the individual.
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