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Originally Posted by grubdunkman View Post
I booked and paid for the following ticket with Swiss International Air Lines:

October 12: Kyiv (KBP) - Zurich (ZRH) - NY (JFK)
November 12: NY (JFK) -Zurich (ZRH) - Kyiv (KBP)

Actually my return destination is Moscow, so I booked and paid for Kyiv (KBP) - Moscow (DME) flight with S7 (Siberia Airlines), which takes off 1 hour 30 minutes after I arrive to Kyiv.

Now Swiss informs me they have a schedule change and time of arrival to Kyiv is one hour later. I know I will miss my flight to Moscow that way, so I cancel it, and book a direct flight from Zurich to Moscow with Aeroflot, what makes my travel cost twice more expensive.

Afterwards I ask Swiss to refund me the cost of Zurich - Kyiv flight as I'm not going to use it due to the schedule change initiated by them, and they reply they can't (!!!), they only can cancel the whole ticket, which is not an option for me at all, I mean I planned my time in New York and bought a ticket in advance to save some money, just to get it cancelled a few days before a flight??

That's not the end of the story.

I addressed to the same guy, who informed me they can't refund me the cost of the flight they changed time for, what made it useless for me, asking to give me a written confirmation they were not going to pay me back, as I will need it to file a claim to the court regarding the matter, and he just stops responding!!! Like go f*** a tree f***** pax, our big airline don't care about you little problems!
Unfortunately, if you purchased a separate ticket from Kiev to Moscow, that is not part of your Swissair "contract". They will claim that because you didn't purchase a ticket to Moscow through them, on the same ticket, that their obligation is to get you only to Kiev. And every airline claims that flight times are not guaranteed. In the future, always make sure all your flights are on the same ticket, even if it means paying a little more to fly an airline that has ticketing agreements with other airlines.