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The Jet Airways flight landed at 10.40pm the guys at the helpdesk at Mumbai arrivals counter advised me to use the air side transit to travel to the International airport.

I was told by the airport staff that it was possible for me to connect to the International airport by 1.30pm.

The Mumbai airport took me to the International airport at 12.04 am by the air side transit.

When i inquire with the airport regarding their delay in transferring me between their terminals due to poor infrastructure, they tell me that the inter terminal shuttle was complimentary and i should wait until Sept 2013 when their new integrated terminal will be come operational and until such time bear with the losses/inconvenience.

Furthermore international travel rules do not allow airlines to close check in counters 2 hours before departure.

If i have made it to the check in at 12.06 then the onus is for them to see to it that i am put on flight.

Plenty of airlines assist their passengers by speeding them up through immigration & other security check points if they arrive 1 hour to 45 minutes before departure.

Air India on that day has overbooked their flight and has not offered me the service that i deserved due to the circumstances that i was in that were not of my willful making.