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Originally Posted by akshaj1986 View Post
I was to travel by Air India Flight 191 from Mumbai to Newark on the morning of 23rd August 2012 at 1.30am.

I arrived by Jet Airways flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai and landed at Mumbai at 10.40pm on 22nd August 2012.
The air side transit & delay caused me to reach the Air India Check In counter at 12.06 am in the 23rd August 2012 to catch the flight at 1.30am.

I was told that the airline had closed its check in 2 hours before departure and hence will not make any efforts to board me on the flight.
I had to pay >220 US$ towards re-booking for the next day in addition to 75US$ for overnight stay in Mumbai.

I finally boarded the flight from Mumbai to Newark on the 24th 1.30am after lots of troubles.

Air India denied me all courtesies saying that i had arrived by a different airline and held 2 separate itinerary they will not bear the hotel stay.

Furthermore my segment of journey between NewYork to Orlando was not confirmed by Air India on the rebooking causing me to run around terminals in JFK with my 8 year old kid & luggage to catch the connecting flight by American airlines to Orlando.

My Air India booking PNR was originally Y266E with Eticket number 098225119552.
I have put a mail to Air India to address my issue but they would not respond.
While it is common knowledge that 99.99% of all airlines worldwide overbook by a certain percentage, how do you know that your particular Air India flight was overbooked?

Did you have a looksie here:

Terms and conditions from Air India:
Article 6: Check-in and Other Requirements of Carriage
6.1 Check-In, Deadlines and Conditions

All Our Flights depart and arrive from/at International Terminals except for the case of Kochi wherein Air India Express Domestic flights depart/Arrive from/at the Domestic Terminal and our International flights depart/Arrive from/at the International Terminal.
Our check-in counters are open three (3) hours before the scheduled flight departure time. The counters close sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. Check-in deadlines may vary at different airports and for particular flights. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these deadlines particulars of which will be available at the time you make your booking. In any event, without derogating from the generality of other provisions of these Terms & Conditions governing the right of refusal of carriage, we reserve the right not to allow you to check in without any liability to you and without having to refund to you any fare paid:
if you attempt to check in after closure of the check-in counters;
if you fail to have proper identification or fail to identify yourself to our staff;
if you fail to have the proper documents, permits, visa, necessary for travel to a particular place or country;
if you have not fully paid any fare or other fees or charges due to us;
if you have been violent to our staff or caused disturbance at our counter or have abused our staff whether physically or verbally;
if the Government or other authorities prohibits your checking in or boarding the aircraft;
if in our judgment, you are not fit to travel due to drunkenness or any obvious adverse medical condition; and/or
if in our judgment, you are not medically fit to travel or your medical condition poses or could pose a danger or threat to the health of other passengers.

I would look carefully at the underlined and bold line in Air India's contract of carriage.