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Originally Posted by akshaj1986 View Post
Yes, Air India might be right to whatever it wants to do after it has given us the ticket and taken our money.

But ethically they are not right to put me to trouble.

Next the re-Booking that was done with payment fo excess fee was not done properly.
The connecting flight from JFK to Orlando by American airlines was not confirmed.
I had to leave my 8 year old boy at Terminal 8 with luggage and take trains to reach terminal 4 becoz the officer for Air India at Terminal 4 will not answer her phone.

-At terminal 4 after a quick run up & down due to everyone denying their responsibility, i got through with one officer finding my case genuine and confirming my onward journey.

Now please do not tell me that Air India has it as part of the agreement that they can do whatever they want with passengers.

In my case there is a deficiency of service.

Air India and American do not have any kind of interline or ticketing agreement. Therefore Air India did get you to JFK/EWR or which ever airport you were trying to get to. Air India does not hav any responsibility to American for anything. Here is a list of partners that cooperating/interline with AA:

# 2. If going to by Air India's terms and conditions, then yes Air India have the right to close out the flight as they see fit. Is it right no, but the terms and conditions are spelled out for you.