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Flight NK298, LAS/IAH, was delayed on March 13, 2014, more than 12 hours because of a reported windshield crack. The flight should have departed at 1:55 AM and instead was rescheduled for after 2 PM. No assistance to passengers was offered other than [up to] $21 in meal vouchers. No Spirit flights were available in the 12 hour delay window. Spirit does not assist with rebooking on other airlines. Limited hotel reimbursement is possible but at 1AM, no hotels were available at the "authorized hotels". Spirit does not reimburse if you make your own arrangements.

I was travelling with a person in a wheel chair who had a doctor's appointment at the destination later in the day. We were forced to reschedule.

Our attempts at any assistance were stone-walled and agents responses "stayed on script" limiting us to the food vouchers. After much persuasion, someone actually found us a "meager" two blankets we could use to keep warm while we attempted to sleep on the floor/carpet. The blankets weren't even useful as a floor cushion.
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