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My family was scheduled to fly on Emirates in Business Class from Phuket, Thailand (HKT) to New York City (JFK) via Dubai (DXB) on Saturday January 6, 2018. Approximately 6 hours before we were scheduled to depart from Phuket, we were informed that our flight from Dubai to JFK had been canceled. The agent we spoke with said that the next flight he could offer us to return to New York City would be on January 10th (4 days after our scheduled flight). We had work and school commitments beginning on the 8th of January and expressed that coming back 4 days late was not a reasonable resolution. We asked the agent to also search for flights that would get us to Boston, Washington DC or another location in the United States from where we could then get home - he said he was unable to find any options. While on the phone with the agent, we searched for other options to get us from Dubai to the New York area. The only option that we found was an Emirates flight from Dubai to Barcelona on January 6th and then a flight on Lufthansa (operated by United Airlines) from Barcelona (BCN) to Newark, NJ (EWR) the following day (January 7th). The agent said that he could not book us on the flight from BCN to EWR so we booked that flight ourselves, and the agent agreed that we could seek compensation from Emirates for the cost of that flight. We are seeking compensation for the flight from BCN to EWR or alternatively a refund of the amount that we paid Emirates for the flight from Phuket to JFK. Emirates initially responded to my email with a statement that they would not compensate us and then did not reposed to any subsequent emails and I have been told it is not possible to speak with someone by phone regarding post-travel matters.

Though the flight on the 6th was canceled due to weather circumstances beyond the control of Emirates, the lack of any option other than returning home 4 days later is completely unreasonable. And we were lead to believe by both the agent on the phone and another agent in the Dubai airport that we would be compensated if we purchased the tickets for the flight from Barcelona to JFK.
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