Complaint: Check-in / Boarding Denied Boarding Due To Ignorance of Agent
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Angry Agent Supervisor Spent 49 Minutes…

Originally Posted by PHXFlyer View Post
mars6423 makes a valid point, Lonnie. If the agent wasn't 100% sure of the rule/policy and the repercussions of being wrong is a hefty fine I think erring on the side of caution and deferring the decision to higher management was the prudent thing to do. I know it created a difficult situation for your wife but the agent probably feared that had he made the wrong decision it could have cost him his job.

I think we need to make a distinction between ignorance and lack of training. Calling someone ignorant is very demeaning. It's apparent that this agent lacked complete training to either know the rules or know where to verify the rules about transporting live animals across international borders. Instead of using reference material which should have been at his disposal he opted to delay your wife's departure in order to get a decision from his manager.
Dear PHXFlyer,

I understand your logic and am sure the supervisor thought of his job first.
However, in the 49 minutes they spent demanding a rabies certificate, it would have only taken one minute to check this:, instead of sending my wife into deep depression. That would have been the right thing to do!

I'm sure you read Delta's reply to me which I posted in reply to mars64.

Here's what I wrote to Delta:

Sorry Brenda Brown:

Totally Unacceptable!

I looked at the requisites for bringing this puppy into Costa Rica on as you suggested. There is absolutely no reason that
that puppy should have been denied boarding. This is totally Delta's fault for not training agents and supervisors properly.

I sent you the URL for the Costa Rican Embassy where it clearly states that puppies under 4 MONTHS DO NOT need to have a
rabies shot. It was your ticket agent and her supervisor who denied the dog passage even though everything was proper.

Remember what we are always told: "Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE"!
Obviously someone at Delta knew the rules on April 6 2009 when our daughter, Kimberly Buchan flew here on Delta ticket number
0062307496043. Check the number and note that she was traveling with an eight week old Golden Retriever for me. There was no
question of a rabies shot. He didn't have one and won't until next week when the vet comes. Why the disparity between agents?

My wife spent a month in Georgia while I sat here in Panama awaiting her return. Since she got back all she can think or talk about is her puppy that is STILL IN GEORGIA!!

You took 38000 SkyMiles from me for this flight. My wife spent $250 on regional airlines (Air Panama and Sansa) and $80 on taxicabs. You offer us $200!!!

We live on Social Security. There is no way we can afford for Walda to retake that trip! That's why we live in Panama!

Let's credit us with $330, our actual cost and reissue a SkyMiles ticket for one of us to make this trip again to pick up the dog who spends his entire days in a crate because of our daughter's cats.

That's what would be right, decent and morally correct.

Taking two weeks to answer us is also not acceptable.

("We hope you will continue to make Delta your airline of choice")

I have for over thirty years. My SkyMiles number begins with "0". But all bad habits have to end sometime!

You can take this anyway you like, but if Delta doesn't do THE RIGHT THING, we'll be in Atlanta as soon as our attorney tells us we won't have to wait more than a week to have the case he files heard in a court of law. Knowing my lawyer, it won't be small claims court!

You've got my hackles up and I have never not gotten vengeance for a wrong!

My wife spent 49 minutes arguing with your agent and her supervisor, Mr. Derrick, who actually told her to wait for a 7 o'clock flight when SOMEONE MORE FAMILIAR WITH THE RULES WOULD BE THERE!! In 49 minutes they could have checked at: http//

I don't think a jury of six will agree with your offer, especially since we have to return again to get the dog!

Punitive damages could come to well over $10,000 for the problems we've experienced. All we ask is fairness.

Very, Very Sincerely
Lonnie Raleigh Cross III
Puerto Armulles
The Republic of Panama