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Old May 9, 2011, 2:24 PM
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Air Canada devalues its customers. That is the message I received loud and clear from my experience with them and will definitely avoid flying Air Canada at all costs. My luggage did not make a tight connecting flight from Montreal to Toronto on May 7, 2011 - please note the flight connections package is part of an Air Canada vacations package ... what is that about?. I needed the contents for another trip within 36 hours. This simple request for the urgent return of my bag, as required contents for this next trip, was a nightmare I would not wish upon anyone. Was initially told I would get it the next morning, that became, evening, which then became unknown. Air Canada's lost delayed baggage service reflects a system of very low accountability to the customer and involves a frustrating loop of telephone calls like some kind of repeat nightmare = very very poor quality control, poor efficiency for the customer and horrible customer care. Air Canada’s practice is based on outsourcing its lost/delayed baggage service to a call centre in India - and agents in India claim Air Canada is their only customer that does not allow for phone access they are only to communicate with them via electronic mail - really what is that about? As a customer you are dealing with a different agent each time you call, they give you standard speak, repeat information you already have and it seems actually lie to you about what they have done up to and including claims that they will call you back and never do. It took relentless calling and loss of patience over a 24 hour period before receiving anything remotely close to a confirmation that my bag would be delivered to me just before I left for my next flight. Tips for future travelers in the same situation: immediately ask to speak with a supervisor, ask to be placed on hold for said supervisor to do what they claim needs to be done i.e. contact Air Canada onsite manager. Do not waste your time with the agents who answer the phone, they really have very limited abilities and will only increase your frustration. Key words: priority, emergency need. If I did not require the contents and bag itself for immediate travel - a wait for its return would not be an issue. Again, Air Canada's policies and procedures message lack of customer care ...ha ha are truly devalued but we will smile and tell you how much we really care about you...yeah right.
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Old Oct 18, 2011, 4:40 PM
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I have also had a horrible experience with Air Canada damaging my baggage and avoiding at all costs to authorize the repair. After a 2 month delay, during which time I repeatedly called their baggage claims people (in India), Air Canada eventually wrote to me requiring that I supply proof of purchase of the luggage. This is so ridiculous -- the luggage was purchased when I lived in another state and I do not have the receipt. In addition, what does that matter? I sent proof of the luggage being accepted, as well as copies of my boarding passes and all other proofs of travel. Air Canada will just do anything to avoid paying legitimate claims. Air Canada should not be allowed to operate in this fashion, and should be fined for the harassment they cause the traveling public.

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