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Old Sep 30, 2011, 8:43 PM
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This is a complicate situation
I bought a ticket with my company credit card on the 08/11,everything went well and I get a confirmation. A week after a co-worker take another ticket, it didn't work on the website, so he try again, and he did it 3 time. When we check our balance, air france debit us 3 ticket for my co-worker. So we call them to cancel it and reclaim a refund. Which air france did.
My fly was on the 09/04, when I get to the check in, the hostess told me that my ticket was cancel. My visas didn't let me stay another night, so I had bought a new ticket (on the exact same fly) half a hour before the fly which cost me 725$ more.
So first I made a reclaim for the first ticket that air france didn't refund.
They refund it after I make my claim on the 9/12 (img1).

When I called them to get refund on what they make me pay more (725$) after they made a mistake on their job, and after 3 hours on the phone, they told me that my ticket was cancel the day after I took it (so on the 8/12) and I got a refund this day, that you called me to make me knew the change.
I never got any phone call nor email, so I check my history, thankfully for me I didn't received any call this day or around this day. (img2)
I also my company bank account, they didn't refund me before my claim, the claim number is even on my bank account history. (img1)

Of course I needed to send them a mail to prove that they didn't called me and didn't gave me back my money the day after. So I did, but I never got any answer...

Really, air france cancel my ticket by mistake, which I think can happen.
But lying to their customer when they make a mistake, and keep money they not suppose to own, I really think it's NOT OK.


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Old Oct 21, 2011, 5:52 PM
simonmarc simonmarc is offline
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I finally get my money back from air france. The communication on the phone was really bad, but after emailing them a month ago with something close to this thread, I finally got an answer and a refund.

I happy they finally did the fair thing.

Maybe this thread help me somehow,
Thank you for your help.
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