COMPLAINT: Tax 100$ thin people of 105 pounds

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Old Nov 8, 2011, 9:06 AM
Marie Jean Marie Jean is offline
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  • 1 human as me = 105 pounds
  • total weight of my bag and my husband bag = inferior to my weight
  • surplus of one bag 3 pounds taxed by UA "only" 100 $
  • no cabin bag
  • my thin person travelled squezed between 600 pounds persons
  • United Airlines do not reimbursed me as they promised and make me send by mail and call them several times ( means the tactics of let it go )
Please note :

1. Wihin my position as PM, my company of 6'000 persons will never purchase a UA ticket ( and when I say never, it is never )

2. I will send my case to ALL who want to hear me - that is a perfect publicity for 100 $ surtax of thin human

3. I think UA should tax thin persons not 100 $, but 10'000 $

A very proud customer with 105 pounds weight
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Old Nov 10, 2011, 1:44 PM
bilingual bilingual is offline
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Your only valid compaint is the "squeeze", the rest is standard rules for any airline.
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Old Nov 15, 2011, 4:09 PM
Marie Jean Marie Jean is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 13

Well, let me tell you what I understood :

A 600+ lbs passanger can carry itself more weight in the plain, squize other passangers and moreover, manipulating dangerously over the head of others HUUUUGE & HEAVY hand cabin bag. As a passanger, I consider very dangereous for my head to get a huge HAND bag on my head. It is very risky - chances are you really get "nuts".

In the same time, a 105 lbs thin person is surtaxed 100 $ for 7 lb because they was polite and choosed to respect other passangers and not to take into the craft a hand bag with 2 inches more.

It is unfair !

Rules must applied, I perfectly agree on this.

However, I consider to be unfair when only some rules are applied ...

What UA should do :

In my opinion, UA should care more about the safety of their passangers DURING THE FLYGHT and tax hand cabin bags whose size & weight are way superior of their policy. Because UA dit not react. So, one existing rule, but "this one not applied". We apply only SOME rules.

Commercially speaking, it is not a very good ideea to ask a thin respectful passanger 100 $ for 7 lbs surplus.

Well, the opposite is not correct either. So ... Lesson learned. I will become just like others passangers, tooking HUUUGE & HEAVY hand bags into the plain and blocking the normal walk and security of other passangers. There will be quite difficult to get @ 600 lbs as personal weight, but with efforts, we can do everything !
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