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Rapid Rewards RIPOFF!!!

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Old Feb 3, 2012, 6:25 AM
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In June 2010 I received an offer in the mail from Chase and Southwest saying that if I could get 4 people to take SW Visa cards I would get a free flight and they would also as well--it gave an 800# to call into as well as my "ID" number. I asked everyone that I knew and people that I didn't know so well. The offer was good until the end of August for them to get their cards. One woman called me because she had tried to call the 800# and was told that there wasn't any such offer. I called the number and was told that it was a mistake and they were sorry and to have her call back again!! Thank goodness she did. Two people let me know that they applied--the rest I don't know. The same people also let me know when they received their cards. I waited until the beginning of October to call to check on status as I still had no notification that I had received points. I called Rapid Rewards and they referred me to Chase. I was sent back and forth about a million times. No one knew any answer. Finally - Chase said that I would see points on my November statement. When I didn't receive any I called Chase and emailed SW and got a response from "Elise"-I have it saved if anyone is interested. She first told me that she would be able to give me credit for the 2 people that I knew of - I didn't really think it was fair because I didn't know how many people actually called and thought there should be some way to check - but I asked for time for me to email everyone that I could think of to see if anyone else had responded. I told her I would confirm with the two people and she said she could look them up and that I should call back with those and any more names. I gave up trying to find others - no one even responded to my emails so I called her back and she asked me again for the names. I gave them to her -- One friend in Defuniak Springs, FL and onein St. Petersburg, FL. I didn't hear anything so I called her back. She told me that I would NOW have to give her their Rapid Rewards #'s also. I didn't want to keep bothering them or asking them for personal information so I gave them HER number and asked them to call her, which they said they did. I still didn't hear anything so I left a few messages - nothing. I wrote a letter to HQ of Southwest airlines and got a response back by Postcard. It said that my inquiry was assigned and that I would hear back within 6 weeks. I no longer have that card. When I didn't hear anything, I called in to Customer Relations again and was sent back to the same department and Elise. I spoke to the person in that department and she told me that I already had my answer from Elise. I told her that it wasn't resolved and wanted to speak to Elise's supervisor. She told me that there wasn't any supervisor and basically hung up on me. I called back and spoke with someone in another department. That department was awesome and caring and gave me the address to HQ again. The Supervisor of that Department actually got on the phone and tried so hard to help me. She took all the information and said that she would get someone to call me. The person that called me back again was Elise and she still wanted the same information. I don't feel like this should be so difficult---I am at a complete loss as to why this is so hard to resolve.

I sent another letter like the other Supervisor had told me to and received ANOTHER post card - Ref#22104687 saying that I would be contacted within 6 weeks. It was sent on 3/16 and it is from the same department. Isn't there anyone else there besides Elise? Why does it keep getting sent to her? Doesn't anyone realize that bugging people that are not close personal friend can get old? I know some people don't like to give out their personal information and I don't want to keep bothering these busy people. I did my part and just want the points from the two confirmed people although I still don't think it is fair that no one kept track of the whole thing.

I feel that at the very least we are owed the points from those two cards --although now the whole system has changed and I am not even sure how it works. I have two earned flights and haven't even used them yet!!! We are a family that loves to travel and travel together so they are always used! I am so disappointed in Southwest. My husband also used to deliver products to Tampa airport and I sent all the information to a supervisor there who said she would help but no one did and no one cares. It has been so long but I am still upset by it. =(
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