In-flight Issues

Did you experience any problems during an Continental Airlines flight?

In-flight Issue
I'd love to see the training manual for flight attendants

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Old Feb 11, 2012, 5:07 PM
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My first experience on a Continental flight will undoubtedly be my last. I was flying with my husband and a small group of friends from Albuquerque to Houston on January 23, 2012. We made our reservations and seat selections five months in advance. About two weeks before our trip, Continental changes the flight and our seat assignments and freezes the seat selections so there are no options to move. Instead of being seated next to my husband, I receive an aisle seat mid-plane. The aircraft is a small regional jet and the seats are not very large to begin with but after I am seated, my seat mate arrives on board. The gentleman is well over 300 pounds and has trouble coming down the aisle. I will say that this kind man was so sweet and self aware, and he tried everything he could to fit into the seat next to me but it was impossible. I could not fit in my seat without being in the aisle and could not fasten my seatbelt without him standing up. I am petite-5'4" and 120 lbs.- but we could not fit together. everyone on the plane noticed and my husband, as they closed the doors, got up and discreetly asked the flight attendant to move me into one of the dozen or so empty seats-some were at the rear of the plane, not premium seats. The flight attendant tersely replied that that was not going to happen, that I may not change seats under any circumstances, and that it was against policy. My husband calmly tried to get her to be resonable, even offering money if it would help. I spent the flight with half my person in the aisle or standing up. This was unsafe and totally unnecessary as there were plenty of open seats.
The real insult was on the return trip from Houston to Albuquerque a week later. We had to purchase "ugraded" seats after our trauma to be sure that the same thing did not happen again. The plane was, again, about 3/4 full but this time, after the doors were closed, several people that had undesirable seating got up and simply sat where they wanted to-including the "upgraded" seats- and not a word was said to them by any crew member. Personally, I think this is how it should be and how it is on most flights I have taken.
Maybe our first flight attendant was experiencing some issue that day but if so, she should have stayed home, and Continental should make this right by me.
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Old Feb 13, 2012, 4:15 AM
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I'm sorry that sucks. My guess for the reason why she couldn't let you move your seat was because it was a weight and balance issue. On small regional jets, they count the empty seats and run it through the flight computer to see if the aircraft is safe for takeoff.

If I were on the flight I would have let you move after takeoff when the 10,000 ft. altitude has been reached. Weight and balance is really only critical for takeoff. With that said, I think weight and balance issues are so dumb to begin with. You weight 120 pounds, is it really going to make a difference? But they have to really... if you were to crash they would look at the weight and balance and if they found that it was out of takeoff parameters, the outcome would be crew error.

One thing that I think you should consider is that because your flight was on a regional jet, the pilots and flight attendants weren't actual continental employes. They work for an airline that flys under the continental brand. The experience you had on that flight is really not an accurate representation of flying continental airlines.

And you can't see the flight attendant training manual, silly!! lol that would be the biggest security breach ever! :P
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