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Have you had any problems with Continental's Customer Service? Have Continental employees treated you poorly?

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Continental Doesn't Care If You Complain

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Old Mar 6, 2012, 2:53 PM
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When I flew Continental four years ago to go to Vegas I was treated like crap by one of the gate agents. She told me that she didn't like how I was dressed (plain blue t-shirt, no belly showing, and black slacks, not tight) in front of everyone on the gate waiting area. Some guy even came to me and told me I should not take that. I felt I had to because I was flying stand-by. It turned out she actually made me lose the first flight out and when the other agent came in for the second flight, I got on that one. I wrote a complaint letter and till this day have not heard from them.

Fast forward to 2011. Last year I was flying with my daughter who was only three months at the time to Miami. When I went to check in my bag the agent asked me where the father was, I couldn't believe it. She said I should have someone with me to help me with the bag because I had a baby with me. She seemed pretty upset and her attitude was tremendously horrible. I told her I was alone and that I needed her name please. She pushed out her name tag towards me. I wrote a complaint about this too. Have not heard from Continental. This time I was a revenue passenger.

Both times I was discriminated against. The first for my "clothes" (yeah right, it's more likely because I am Hispanic), the second was because I was a single mom. Does Continental care. No. Not even an apology. But they're a monopoly now with the merger, they'll get away with more.
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Old Mar 9, 2012, 10:45 PM
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I'm a business traveller and I've written three complaint letters to the Continental headquarters office in Houston. They have not gotten back to me. My co-worker flies out of JFK because he works in the city (NYC) and usually flies with AA and just last month he complained at the airport for flight attendant treating him poorly during a flight and they just sent him a $200 flight voucher. He didn't even have to write a letter! Meanwhile, I had my attorney co-sign the last letter (sent in September, that's right, last year), and not even a receipt notice/letter.

The flight attendant refused to sell me a beer because I had already purchased one. When I asked her why, she said that she didn't know if I had already drank at the airport, so she was not going to take any chance with me being disruptive.
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continental doesn't care

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