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Old Jul 31, 2012, 7:00 PM
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Default Flt 7: crazy-rude boarding clerk trys to throw business woman off USAirways

I tried to board US Airways flt 7 ORD to PHX 7/27/12 with an easily crushable overnight duffle bag and a narrow, soft leather sided briefcase containing a 13" Macbook, legal pad and pens. The clerk at the gate snapped that I had to check the bag. I politely explained that the bag contained a down feather pillow plus several small and light pieces of clothing and was easily below seat-size including the briefcase. The clerk told me to check the bag or get off the flight. When I agreed to check the bag, reached for it wanting to walk it down the ramp her self, since in her words, I had proven myself untrustworthy. I walked the bag down the ramp and checked it myself, as the man before me who had also complained had done. However, when I expressed my displeasure at her tone, comments and stalking behavior, she threatened to throw me off the plane. She followed me down the aisle of a full first class, demanding that I leave, and then, after I had buckled myself into my seat and turned off my electronics, sent for her supervisor. Her supervisor threatened to call the authorities, in front of all my fellow passengers. I waited with my racing heart, but the plane eventually pulled away from the gate. The first class passengers who saw it all told me on arrival to ORD that flight personnel at the front of the plane had stopped the plan to call airport police/security and bodily remove me from the aircraft. This has been a frightening and humiliating experience for this 53 year-old professionally dressed and groomed attorney who was flying on business, and is now extremely reluctant to fly to future conferences.
Old Oct 12, 2014, 2:40 PM
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Default Searching for an attorney

October 12, 2014

If my response is going to you the airline complaint poster that says you are an attorney and the airlines gave you poor treatment as well I sure can use your legal help to go after them with a lawsuit. I am new to this site and not sure if I navigated correctly but you will probably find my message somewhere in here. I went to New York to cover the New York Fashion week event and needed my camera gear and lap top with me at all times because if anything happened to it I would not be able to save my photo imagery anywhere. I had my schedule in the lap top as well. That is why I called ahead of time about the policy for carry on and personal items.
I called ahead of time and knew precisely the weight and dimensions of my personal item and carry on and I complied with the specifications given to me. Yet when I boarded the second plane I was told by the gate agent if I don't give him my carry on as a check in item I don't fly. He approached me in aisle 7 or 8 his reason no more overhead bins they were all full. But he lied because I found a bunch of bins that were completely empty so it appears I will be going to small claims court and suing for the maximum allowable monetary damages because they were very unprofessional rude malicious deceptive arrogant and dehumanizing illegally interfered and interrupted my interstate flight which should be a federal offense.
Total breach of contract because the contract allows a carry on and personal item. They checked in my carry on and I was not on the flight with my property total breach to my personal security and to the security of my property, humiliation and defamation of character and a list of so many possible charges that I would like to go after them for making my twice a year visit to New York one that I will never forget.
I had this check in problem Sunday August 31, 2014 with US Airways traveling from Florida to New York with a layover at DCA near Washington. Accused of threatening the safety of the crew for merely exposing an overhead bin was empty and that someone was sitting in my assigned reserved seat. The gate agent forced me to give him my lap top in my carry-on bag and I was never given the opportunity to tell the gate agent that there is a lap top in it that I need to use in a few days and it can't get lost or damaged on me. The gate agent was caught in three lies in a very short time I had the extreme displeasure of his disservice.
This was a very dehumanizing experience to have to travel 230 miles to get to my intended destination by Amtrak because the gate agent was an abusive liar. Then finally 9 hours later at 3 am in the morning I got to LaGuardia airport and got my carry on because my cell phone charger was in the bag and my cell phone was about out of charge. There were no buses or taxis. it was closed down and I had to carry my luggage through the weeds and grass to the grand central parkway to find my way to where I was staying.
I am almost 60 years old and that airline US Airways/American Airlines is a disgrace. To this day October 12, 2014 I am still trying to get a live person to talk to. I keep getting e-mails that they want to close the case. I keep writing back that they will be held liable for breach of contract but the attorneys that I contacted don't want my case because I didn't have any near fatal injuries from my flight. The attorneys that I contacted don't care about a case if they are not making a lot of money off of it. I guess if no one helps I will go to small claims court on my own. The truth and facts are on my side and that is all I need. If I ran that airline the gate agent would have been fired for his abuse of power and coercive and menacing mannerisms and attitude that he uses toward passengers.
I merely wanted to get to my destination and I was put through a lot of unnecessary bull****.
I am excited to attend a court date.
I guess the first thing I do is find the name the address and doing Business Company name and serve the entity. I believe I would be suing American Airlines since they took over US Airways. I did some reading got some coaching and I am ready to take on the not so friendly skies of US Airways/American Airlines. Believe me you might hear advertisements with nice music about how they get you to your destination while you are on hold to speak to reservations for a cheap flight, but from my experience I don't ever want to fly again that's how I feel after the lies, misrepresentation and deception was imposed and forced on me.

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