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Default Delta Did Not Honor Fare Basis Code on NWA-Issued Ticket

First of all, let me mention that I was a frequent flyer on NWA, with close to 250k miles. I purchased a ticket for CGK - LAX (rt), departing May 11th. I've flown this route MANY times in the past on NWA, and rebooking/changing has never been an issue with them. My fare basis code clearly stated that I was to be charged $75 for rebooking unless it were for health reasons, which NWA never failed to honor.

I got married last August and as a result, have not been able to go back to Jakarta due to the relatively complicated immigration process paired with various health reasons.

My flight was meant to leave this morning, and last night I called to postpone my flight once again.. except this time, I had to speak to someone at Delta since the merger is now complete. I have an interview with immigration on February the 9th, so I attempted to change my ticket to April/May (as it takes 4-12 weeks to receive the Green Card after the interview).. and after being put on hold for about an hour, I was informed by someone that I would have to pay $503 + $75 to rebook. Of course, I was infuriated, seeing as the round trip ticket cost me less than $1100 and they were pretty much asking me to pay more than the cost of that one-way fare. I told them that I would rather speak to a representative in Jakarta, to which they replied, "There is NO NWA, it's Delta's policy now" and "NWA also had the same policy, all airlines do," when I told them that I'd never had this issue with NWA. Mind you, I remained calm even throughout the DELTA representative (George Andrews) snide remarks and condescending tone.

Does anyone have suggestions for me, on what I can do or who I might be able to speak with to rectify this situation and still use my return ticket to go back home in April?
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Also, another fail on Delta's part is the fact that they don't recognize "CGK" or Jakarta as a destination at all. From now onwards, I can't use that same NWA route that I've used for YEARS to fly back and forth to the U.S.. Well done, Delta?
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Though he put it snidely, most airlines do charge an additional cost plus change fee, believe me I've paid my share. Mostly likely the same seat class of service wasn't available, only the higher class, hence you have to pay more. What you can do is call back and speak with another representative. Because it didn't work out with one, may work with another. Explain to them your situation, let them know you have documented proof and if its something of importance they may waive one fee but hardly ever both (most airlines will waive the change fee, but sometimes you will get lucky).

I've only done this once before with United, but I was charged in a similar fashion and i said to the agent "man, with that amount I can upgrade and with miles". To which I called UA MP, explained to them my situation and used my miles for the business first seat and a change of date.

Good luck, hope it all works out in the end.
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This situation is not unique to DL. I'd say you've been lucky over time to only have been paying the change fee and not a additional collection for a new fare. Meaning, your fare basis has always been available when you changed to the new flights. When it's not available, you will have to pay extra for a higher fare, thus the 503 bucks they wanted in addition to the 75.00usd for the change fee.

Since your flight is a few months away yet, you could try what Silent Bob said and call back to get a different agent until you get a $$ amount that you like better. Fares change constantly, people sometimes actually call to cancel their seat so maybe the lower fare will open up again.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.

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